Pain-free posts for dental hygienists level 2

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We'll create and schedule 3 posts a week (+holidays) on your Facebook and Instagram pages!

Our content features diverse humans and interesting images, videos and our original designs to help you connect with your prospective patients and community. We'll highlight your products/services while advocating for independent practices across Canada (and the world ; ).

We can also include any photos, images or special requests you'd like to toss our way! Essentially you can be has hands on or hands off as you want 🙌🏼

All posts will include your logo, brand colours, complimentary fonts and VALUABLE oral health information that educates, motivates and inspires. We'll also write captivating copy and calls to action with you contact information included on your posts. 

We'll consult with you via convenient questionnaires and review your website/social media activity to create shareable images that capture and enhance your brand voice.

Please contact us directly for more information!

We'll arrange a quick call to learn more about your business and whether or not your practice/service is in an area that doesn't directly compete with another client (we don't run competing content against accounts). 

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