We only work with Registered Dental Hygienists 🙌🏼

We help RDHs grow their businesses and establish their brand identity on social media (and in print) by impressing existing patients and attracting new ones!!

You can work with us in four ways:

1. Branding, logo design, re-branding, digital designs for print/signage, copywriting, blog writing, etc. at an hourly rate ($99/hr). 

2. Facebook ads. If we're not currently running an ad (or working one on one) with a dental hygienist in your neighbourhood, we'd love to help drive business your way with a FB ad!

We run super cool dynamic campaigns that with BLOW YOUR MIND!

Cost: $99 to set the ad up and as low as $5/day for your ad spend ($250 total for a month).

3. Made for you posts: you'll get 50 prevention focused digital designs (square) that you can post on your pages yourself. Content is branded with your logo, colours and complimentary fonts.

Cost: $299

4. Monthly membership; done for you posts (on FB and IG). HELP YOUR PATIENTS PREVENT MORE AND STRESS LESS!!

We'll use a questionnaire to learn more about you and your business and post educational/motivational branded content 3X a week on your Facebook and Instagram feeds.

You can be as hands on (requesting specific posts, having fun in stories, posting extra yourself) or hands off as you want!

We're committed to helping YOU stand out! This monthly membership entitles you to exclusivity; we don't work with practices that are in direct competition with you!

Cost: $349CAD/month (no commitment)

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More about the monthly membership.

We'll create and schedule 3 posts a week (+holidays) on your Facebook and Instagram pages!

Our content features diverse humans and interesting images, videos and our original designs to help you connect with your prospective patients and community. We'll highlight your products/services while advocating for independent practices across Canada (and the world ; ).

We can also include any photos, images or special requests you'd like to toss our way! Essentially you can be has hands on or hands off as you want 🙌🏼

All posts will include your logo, brand colours, complimenting fonts and VALUABLE oral health information that educates, motivates and inspires. We'll also write captivating copy and calls to action on your posts. 

We'll consult with you via convenient questionnaires and review your website/social media activity to create shareable images that capture and enhance your brand voice.

Your membership includes access to our inner circle on FB; “The Sulcus” with some other rockstar hygienists who are growing their practice just like you! I go live every Monday night at 8pm EST with tips for growing your practice and connecting with your community.

Add on 2 stories a week for $50/month!

Please apply here or send us a message to schedule a one on one chat for more info.

Proud have worked with:

Prevention focused marketing celebrates a shared health centric vision between leaders, team members and clients!

About me: In the past 15 years, I’ve had the opportunity to practice in a variety of settings including LTC, a traditional dental clinic, a First Nation community, I volunteered in west Africa, and at present I own an independent dental hygiene clinic.

These experiences have given me a unique perspective on access to care, humanity and life in general!

In 2015, I established a mobile dental hygiene clinic which has since evolved into a stand alone independent dental hygiene practice here in Newfoundland (Canada) called the Dental Hygiene Studio!

Over the past 8 years, I've grown my own following on my clinic's Facebook page to 5,000+ followers and have connected with my clients and community in the most amazing way!

I’m the past president of the Newfoundland and Labrador Dental Hygienists Association and former chair of the Newfoundland and Labrador College of Dental Hygienists.

I currently manage 18 accounts and have worked with 30+ RDH owned practices to develop engaging and captivating prevention focused content in print and online. 

-Nicole Kielly RDH

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