Month by Month

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No scheduling included with this package! I'll guide you in batch scheduling your content on Facebook and Instagram.

Includes 14 square shaped social media posts (and evidence based text to copy and paste) to help dental + dental hygiene clinics inspire their patients and followers to embrace oral health for overall health and wellness!

Content will include your logo and will be styled with colours and fonts to match your unique brand.

You'll get enough videos with music, images and illustrations to post 3X a week for the entire month and I'll guide you in batch scheduling the posts yourself on FB and IG using Facebook Business Suite! 

I value diversity, inclusion and use inspiring empathetic language.

Please ensure that you give the name of your clinic (as well as the city it's located in on that same line) and accurately enter your email address upon check out so that I can follow up with you for additional information if required. 

I can usually pull a logo from social media or your website, but may need to reach out if I can't!

Currently available in English.

This is a one time purchase and does not required a subscription!

Turn around time: 7 days or less.