Facebook Ads For Dental Hygienists

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We'll tap into those creepy FB/IG algorithms (you know the ones) and get your stuff in front of the people who *actually* want to buy from you or do business with you. 

Our goal is to target people:

- who can't get in at their current clinic

- are delaying care because they fear being judged in a dental setting

- wanting to try a refreshed approach to preventive dental care

If they've Googled something about their teeth, told their friend they're due for a cleaning or looked sideways at an electric toothbrush at the drug store, we will work to capture their attention. 

We'll get you QUALITY leads on potential patients for as low as $5 a day ad spend with our unique approach to Facebook/Instagram ads!

Have online booking?? THAT'S FREAKING AMAZING!! We love putting people directly from the ad to your chair 🙌🏼

Introductory pricing: 

$200 ad set up fee + your ad spend

You'll get charged the one time set up fee and we'll craft the most amazing ad you've ever seen. Includes digital designs and copy. We'll help you decide on a daily budget and you can stop and start your ad as often as you like. There are no hidden charges or fees in perpetuity.

Please contact me directly for more information!

We'll arrange a quick call to learn more about your business and whether or not your practice/service is in an area that doesn't directly compete with another of our clients (we don't run competing content against accounts). 

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