Why traditional marketing doesn't work in dentistry and what to do about it.

NOT SO BREAKING NEWS: Upwards of 60% of the population suffer from varying degrees of dental anxiety. If you're posting about root canal treatments, fillings and extractions like most dental clinics... you're literally turning new patients away and missing the opportunity to connect with existing patients.

The truth is that even if your clinic is SPECTACULAR and your website is ON POINT... and your team is OUTSTANDING... people are looking to your social media to help them decide if they want to entrust you with their oral health.

Having outdated feeds is like having a waiting room filled with outdated decor and old magazines... and if you don't have a presence at all, it's basically like you don't even exist.

I knew that when opened my clinic, people were going to be looking at us and for us on Facebook and Instagram. I wanted to make a great first impression every time someone looked at our pages, but I struggled to find content to share that actually reflected my professional style + values.

I tried working with marketing companies, but they focused mainly on highlighting “drill and fill” dentistry and served up super cheesy images of perfect smiles. This type of marketing just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Eventually, I taught myself to create the prevention focused content that I just couldn’t find anywhere else. I paid attention to the messaging that attracted new followers and which posts converted follower to patients.

When you inspire health and confidence through prevention marketing, you engage a powerful word of mouth MARKETING ARMY that I call SUPER FANS. They've helped us grow year over year by telling their friends and family about us! YOU DESERVE SUPER FANS!!!

I offer a fresh new approach to social media marketing. Start working with me today! www.painfreeposts.com

Nicole Kielly RDH